KINDERGYM: Casual, pay-as-you-go, parent/guardian assisted class for girls & boys aged 1-4y. Class is structured starting with circuit style layout of gymnastics/gym equipment (balance beams, tunnels, climbing equipment, etc.), followed by Movement Songs (wiggles, hi-5, etc.), Parachute Fun, Fun Activities &/or Free time with various prop's (hoops, bean bags, pom-poms, ribbons). Finishing with a short stretch/cool down & sticker to finish! Great for building strength & motor skills, whilst also working on socialization skills amongst the other children, & a great activity to do together! Perfect preparation for younger students wanting to ease into Tiny Dance/Cheer classes.

TINY CLASSES: Our Tiny Classes for 2.5-5yrs are structured to include fun songs to warm up with, stretching, basic foundations of technique & fun, age appropriate routines they'll love! Our teachers use latest Kids & Top 40 Music your child will love to bop along too. The perfect classes to start your little ones off in a fun & imaginative way of learning, moving in the right direction to continue into our program. Upstage offer many class styles for our Tiny’s including: Tiny Cheer (2.5-3y, 3-5y & 5-6y), Tiny Jazz/Tap, Tiny Ballet/Jazz, Tiny Acro &*NEW IN 2017* Tiny Comp Jazz Teams (3-4y & 5-6y) & Tiny Hip-hop!

CHEER: All-star, American Style Cheerleading. A 2:30 routine covering a range of components including stunts, tumble, jumps & dance. An entertaining, high-energy sport building strength, flexibility & overall fitness. Cheer welcomes those of all shapes & sizes to find their roles within the team, encourages teamwork & strong work ethic from all athletes. We offer Levels 1-3, ages 2.5 - Open/Adult & both Competitive & Recreational teams available.

JAZZ: An energetic, fun, high-energy dance style that enhances flexibility, performance & fitness. Routines are strong, sharp and dynamic. Jazz emerged alongside Jazz Music in the early 1900's & is forever changing - Modern Jazz Dance today represents our pop culture with new trends always emerging! Both traditional & modern styles are covered in classes depending on class’s abilities/suitability. Think kicks, turns, jumps, & isolations!

BALLET: The foundation of all dance styles, Ballet complements other styles greatly especially Jazz & Contemporary/Lyrical. Ballet strengthens & lengthens the body, giving students a great technical foundation to build from. Formalised movements & positions of the arms, feet & body, allows the dancer to move with control, lightness poise & grace in stunning routines. Think beautifully pointed feet, jumping, stretching & turning. Advanced students of age, with strong technique and ankles/feet may be asked to work on pointe after Physio (if desired).

P: Tap shoes with metal taps are worn, & feet are manipulated to create different sounds & rhythms. Our Tinies especially love putting their Tap's on! A combination of both traditional & modern tap styles are covered in classes depending on class’s abilities/suitability (from Fred Astaire to Street Tap, e.g. Tap Dogs!). Tap will improve one's rhythm, musicality & certainly test & push co-ordination as students’ progress to more advanced work.

HIPHOP: A street style dance originating from New York City in the 1970's, this style is always evolving & following trends of today. A popular dance style, seen in film clips from artists such as Usher, Chris Brown, Beyoncé, etc. & in popular dance films. Routines incorporate popping, locking, isolations & a combination of modern urban styles. And of course plenty of personality! 

CONTEMPORARY/LYRICAL: A popular style with many of our students. A modern fusion of both Contemporary & Lyrical styles. Contemporary originated from the rebellion of Classical Ballet - parrel feet, earthy, grounded movements & lots of floor work. Lyrical blends Ballet, Jazz & Contemporary styles, & uses lyrics/mood of music as inspiration to express

BROADWAY JAZZ: A stylized & theatrical style of dance, based on the Jazz dance genre with a modern, sleek feel. This style emphasis’s & encourages performance & characterisation! Routines choreographed aren't always of music strictly from Musicals &/or Movies, but also sometimes music of a similar feel, such as Michael Buble & other jazz music. Think jazz hands, & lots of personality!

ACROBATICS: A class based around acrobatic elements. Students work on flexibility, strength & stamina, & learn skills such as balances, rolls, handstands, further tumbling, group/partner lifts, etc. Such skills are then all combined together with basic dance & elements come together into a fun, entertaining routine for our End of Year Concerts. Classes increase student's strength, flexibility, balance, agility and motor coordination. This is especially great for our Tiny Acro students (3-5 years) to build & develop motor skills at such a vital age, whilst this style also complements our older cheerleaders & dancers alongside their classes.


Classes will be Jazz based & routines will use modern, upbeat & fun music from the latest, popular Musical Theatre shows (E.G.: Hairspray, Matilda, Grease, etc.). Whilst based around the Jazz dance style, routines will incorporate a more theatrical side of the dance style & require more characterization, incorporating some acting within the routines whilst still being mostly dance focused.

*NEW IN 2017* ELITE ACROBATICS: Only open to selected students who have mastered a combination of tumble skills &/or high levels of dance &/or flexibility. This class will put together a routine incorporating tumble skills, flexibility, balances & partner/group lifts blending in dance choreography to create a seamless routine. Students not enrolled in Cheer in this class, are highly encouraged to attend casual Tumble classes where possible to improve tumble skills.

*NEW IN 2017* STRETCH & STRENGTH: Upstage Highly recommended for both our Cheerleaders & Dancers. Classes include a cardio warm-up, posture/alignment work, stretching & some strength exercises to ensure our students are kept safe with a balanced flexibility to strength ratio. Students are guided through stretches to increase flexibility throughout the whole body (hips, legs, backs, feet etc.), ensuring they become well-rounded, strong athletes to improve skill sets & prevent injuries. Modifications can be made to suit individuals & ensure everyone can benefit from this class. *STRETCH & STRENGTH IS A CASUAL CLASS!*

TUMBLE: Starting with a warm-up & stretch, followed by work on skills such as forward rolls, handstands, walkovers, front/back handsprings, tucks, etc. Tumble is a component of Cheer routines and accounts for a large percentage of scorecards from our competitive teams. Certain tumble skills are required for each level - for students to progress to higher levels, they must work hard to achieve their tumble skills. These do not happen overnight. Whilst tumble is included in teams weekly training we encourage extra classes, where possible, to ensure students progression. Encouraged for our dance students also to build skill sets.*TUMBLE IS A CASUAL CLASS!* Limited privates also available - bookings only (see further in booklet).

ADULT CLASSES: Available in Parent Cheer Team (Compete in competitions throughout the year!), Adult Hip-hop, Adult stretch/strength, Adult Tumble, Adult Tap & also *BACK IN 2017* Adult Contemporary Classes! Set aside some time each week for YOU! Lots of fun & great friendships are formed. Why not come & give it a go!

SINGING LESSONS: We offer external private Singing Lessons held at Upstage with the very talented Rachael Giusti. There is flyers around Upstage with all details - feel free to ask reception if you need further information.

PRIVATES Privates are available for: *Tumble *Stunt Groups * Dance Technique * Competitive Dance Solo/Duo/Trios (see below) Catch-up Sessions for Dance or Cheer (i.e. new enrolments) These are very limited & must be booked in advance. Strictly cash only in an envelope, payable at beginning of your private please. See Reception for further information & for Privates Price Lists.