Both Weekly Team Trainings & All Competitions are mandatory. Students & their families are expected to make every effort to attend. Please look carefully at competition schedules, & take into consideration travel/fees associated with each team. Appointments, being tired, family/friends birthdays, dinners etc are not a good enough excuses to be absent from your team trainings. Please schedule events for after or before classes, or on another night. Students with injuries or minor illness must still attend class to watch the training. This is to ensure students don’t fall behind their team/s learning any new choreography, changes, spacing &/or corrections as our Competitive Teams work through a lot each lesson. Please refer to Injury/Illness Procedure below for more info (as also stated in our 2017 Info Booklet). Please note Upstage must be notified when a student will be absent prior to class commencing. Please call 9786-6555 or email. If planning a family holiday please check our training and competition schedule.

Please note: We recommend time off for a family holiday June 26th-July 9th. June 26th is the day after Winterfest comp (Although we will still have training week of the 26th) and the first week of school holidays. Training will commence back week 2 of the July school holidays.


ALL Dance & Cheer Competitive Teams. This includes Novice, All-star & Extreme Teams. 1. Students must not miss any more than 2 x Weekly Trainings, per term. E.G. : Novice Team training 1 x per week = Maximum of x 2 absences per term All-star Team training 2 x per week = Maximum of x 4 absences per team 2. If any student has missed more than the above (2 x weekly trainings), in the previous 10 weeks prior to a competition, they will not be permitted to compete in the upcoming competition. 3. Students must attend the final 2 weeks of training before any competition date, or they will not compete. NO EXCEPTIONS, other than School Camps. We expect students/families understand & respect these attendance policies. They will be strictly enforced in 2017. This is in best interests to their team & also in best interest of the student, so they can be well prepared & confident to compete/perform at their best.


Competitive Dance Solo/Duo/Trios *NEW IN 2017* - Please let our staff know if you are interested & would like to be considered!

Upstage will offer Competitive Solos, Duos &/or Trios in 2017 upon invitation only for students who are ready to take these on. Students will have weekly private sessions to learn/clean routines & prepare for competitions. You may choose to only learn a solo/duo/trio, & not compete if you wish also. It is imperative students are 100% ready - they must excel in overall flexibility/stamina & fitness, technique, performance & confidence in the respective genre. It is completely up to you how many competitions you wish to enter - as many or as less as you prefer! Upstage will help manage all entries with you & be there for any queries you may have in relation to competing. Students must be enrolled in the same genre competitive team as to the genre they wish to learn/compete in - this ensure students are receiving enough training to ensure readiness for the competitive dance world!

Novice Dance:

Novice: is offered in Jazz, Hip Hop and now Lyrical/Contemporary, in all ages – (Tiny aged teams are regarded as Novice). Novice is open for beginner All Star Dance teams; may that be brand new teams or just beginner teams within an established program; a gentle way of easing new coaches and beginner athletes into our sport and understanding how it all works.  The idea of Novice Dance is for athletes to perfect the very basic dance skills on the competition floor before attempting harder skills. We encourage only “dance” related skills in this category, focusing on the appropriate style of Dance as well as the associated basic skills required for the style of Dance.

Novice Dance teams will not have points deducted (unless extreme circumstance of putting athletes at risk of injury or unfixed warned skills from prior Championships); they will have warnings so as to initiate them into the rules of our sport. Nevertheless, any teams seen to be intentionally breaking the Novice RULES will be deducted with full legality points for each illegal skill sets performed.  The teams in the NOVICE Dance sections will not be included in any Highest Scoring or Grand Champion awards. Novice also pays a slightly cheaper entry fee.

“SPARKS” YOUTH JAZZ 12YRS & U – Wednesday 6:30pm


“FUSION” YOUTH HIP HOP 8-12YRS – Tuesday 3:50pm


All-star Dance:

“ROYALTY” JUNIOR JAZZ (15YR & U) – Tuesday 4:40pm & Thursday 4:35pm

“EVOKE” JUNIOR CONTEMP (15YR & U) – Tuesday 3:50pm & Thursday 3:50pm

“PLATINUM” SENIOR JAZZ (18YRS & U) – Wednesday 7:30pm & Thursday 7:00pm

“PRESTIGE” SENIOR CONTEMPORARY (18YRS & U) – Wednesday 8:15pm & Thursday 6:00pm

“EJ KREW” SENIOR HIP HOP (18YR & U) – Tuesday 5:45pm

“ECLIPSE” ELITE ACROBATICS (11YRS+) - Thursday 5:20pm